Carriages by Karen

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Carriages by Karen

Hi everyone I am Karen and I started Carriages by Karen, LLC in 2013 to share my love and enthusiasm of driving.  I have been driving for about 22 years, six of those years were spent driving professionally for Annapolis Carriage in downtown Annapolis giving historic tours, weddings and special events.  Carriages by Karen is a woman owned and operated Horse and Carriage Company.  When the owners of Annapolis Carriage retired and closed their business in 2012 I purchased one of their white Percheron horses “Monique” and this is where the next adventure begins.  During the week Monique is just one of the herd, and just as dirty as the rest but on the weekends she becomes that beautiful carriage horse that she was bred to be. Prior to working in Annapolis I had “Homestead”, aka Homer was born at my parents farm the reason I gave him the name “Homestead” then move and raised on my farm in Carroll County.  Homer was one of a kind and we spent many hours of trail time together and also driving time, most recently he was providing the gentle nature and skills to start my nieces riding.  In April 2015 “Homer” crossed over to the beautiful field we all long for where there are no more fences.  I was heartbroken and I am still crying as I am writing this.  I live on a 34 acre farm on the Mason Dixon line with my three sons in North Carroll County Maryland.  I have several other horses also used for riding and driving including a team of haflingers, their names are Mason and Dixon.  These guys are the best I have done a 37 mile wagon train ride every year for the last 8 years.  I am hoping to get some pictures up of them I also have a Palomino quarter horse “Brody” that I spend most of my time with trail riding.

I have been riding and enjoying horses for as long as I can remember and taking lessons along the way.   I have had the opportunity to show horses, some of my own and some for other owners.  My fondest memories are riding on Saturday afternoon with my Dad.  Growing up you could usually find my tagging along with my Dad fixing fences mowing fields etc.  My Dad was a great teacher and I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn at a young age how to drive a tractor, drive a truck with a standard transmission and move equipment around.  This has given me what I needed to maintain my farm and raise 3 boys.  Most of all, he taught me determination and this has set the stage for everything else to come.   So even when I am not working full-time or working on the farm I find time to ride or spend time with my horses and riding friends. 


Usually on the left


Usually on the right

Mason and Dixon

As a team



Our Team

Horse Drawn Carriage