Carriages by Karen
  • proms

  • parades

  • photo shoot

  • presentations

  • open house

  • grand openings

  • Proposals

  • moonlight private drive

  • bar and bat mitzvah

  • quinceanera

  • red hat society

  • church groups


  • and just because!!

not sure how to incorporate a horse and carriage  in your special event let us help!

  • holiday parties

  • christmas Parties

  • Anniversary 

  • Tea Parties 

  • Princess Parties 

  • Children Parties

  • corporate events including pictures for your guests!

Let us Wow your guests!

You have an important event scheduled at your home but where are you going to park all those cars?  No problem let them park at the local school or church parking lot.  We will pick them up and drop them off at the front door! 

Problem solved. 

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Carriages by Karen